How to have a relationship with transgender people?

Transgender people are not different from ordinary people in some degree. If you are a cisgender people, and you want to date a transgender person, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Their identity may change any time
    This is an important thing that you need to keep in mind, and this is the biggest difference between trans dating and ordinary dating. Transgender people are mostly real men or women in trans dating, but there are still some people identify as transgender people in dating. You may date a transgender person, who haven’t had transition surgery. However, after several months, he may decide to have transition surgery and change their gender.
  2. Don’t misgender your partner
    Many people don’t know the importance of pronouns to transgender people. I’ve met many people misgender transgender people in trans dating. If you want to date transgender people, you should know their pronouns before dating. It’s rude to misgender your partner in trans dating. Use the right pronoun in trans dating, transgender women are real women, so if you date a transgender woman, please use “her/she”, if you date a transgender man, please use “he/his”. You can also ask your partner for advice if you are not sure the right pronoun.
  3. They may not comfort with their body
    Many transgender people are not comfort with their body, especially someone who haven’t had surgery. They may describe their body parts with different words, you need to understand and support them. What’s more, don’t touch their body if they don’t like. They may feel uncomfortable if you touch a certain part of their body. Before get intimate, ask your partner if there are any limitation. If your date partner is a transgender person with body image issues, you need to pat much attention on this problem.
  4. Pay attention to sexual safety in trans dating
    When it comes to dating, sexual safety is the most important problem, especially in trans dating. Most of transgender people are pure and safe, but there are still some transgender people are working in sex industry, so sexual safety is a serious in trans dating. One of the best way to avoid this problem is to know more about your partner before dating.
    Many transgender people have special needs in dating, because they are different from real men and women in some aspects. Ask your partner about their dating needs, it is an important step to ensure your safety. No matter wether you’ve date transgender people before, have a deep understanding on your partner before dating.
  5. Don’t make common mistakes in trans dating
    People who date transgender people for the first time often make many common mistakes in ts dating. It means nothing, but you didn’t have general knowledge on transgender people. This problem can easily avoid if you can spend time to have a general understanding on transgender people before dating. In order to know more about transgender people, many people ask their partners questions about transgender. I want to mention that it is impolite to ask any questions about trans in trans dating.