5 Things Transgender People Are Tired of Hearing

  • Why do you want to be a trans person?
    Many people are curious about the life of transgender people, so they date transgender people only to know more the life of transgender people. One of the questions that ordinary people want to ask is why do you want to be a transgender person. If this is a question you want to ask, I think it is time to remove it from your list. They want to be treated as ordinary people, not transgender people. No matter it is your first trans dating or not, respect your trans dating partner is always at the first place.
  • When will you get married?
    This is the No.1 concern of every singles, including transgender people. Like most singles, single transgender people are also tired of hearing this questions. Everyone needs a long term relationship, but not everyone is lucky enough to meet the right one in their lives, the same as transgender people. In face, most of transgender people are looking for life time relationships, but it seems like a difficult task for all transgender people. If you cannot find the right one for a life time relationship, why don’t you enjoy the present life and date someone you like for fun.
  • Will you have kids?
    For some reasons it is not easy for transgender people, especially trans women to have kids, so this is a sensitive question in ts dating. You don’t need to make any plan about the future life, if you don’t want to have a long term relationship with transgender women. Most importantly, you need to know more about transgender dating and trans women before dating a trans woman face-to-face, and this is a big different between trans dating and ordinary dating.
  • Do you like women or men?
    It is rude to ask this question when date a trans person. Being transgender people means nothing but they are the same as ordinary people. We cannot deny that some of transgender people have special dating needs, but most of transgender people have common needs. The same as most of ordinary people, transgender women like to date men and transgender me like to date women. They are long for long term relationships, not for fun or short term relationships. If you want to have a long term relationship with transgender people, you should know how to get on with them at first.
  • Complain about your life
    Life is not easy for everyone, especially transgender people. No matter you are a transgender person or an ordinary person, don’t complain about anything in dating. Dating is an opportunity to know more about dating partners, not to listen to your complain. On the other hand, dating is a new start of your life, you should always ready to start a new life instead of staying in the past. Share something interesting with your dating partner if possible, this is a great way to attract their attentions. In a word, try your best to impress your partner in dating.