Trans dating advice for modern transgender women

Transgender dating has changed dramatically in recent years, as increasingly popular ts dating apps like Transdr combustible, and emerging practices like ghosting (where someone abruptly ends a relationship and stops all communication without an explanation) make finding you harder than ever. But Alex Williamson, Bumble’s brand director, is not hierarchical, arguing that transgender women are finally empowered and in control of every aspect of their lives including transgender dating.

1.Don’t fall in love with who the person is trying to show you

The best trans dating advice I can give any transgender people in a relationship is: fall in love with who that person is, not who they are on Instagram, not who their friends say they are, not who they tell you they are. Get to know someone who they are, not everything you hear about them. What you hear from someone or what you see in your profile is what that person wants you to think. Use your heart to feel what that person really is.

2.Be yourself in a trans date

When you are dating a transgender people, show up as yourself. Don’t play games. Don’t pretend you’re not someone. Don’t order a salad just because you think you need one. Be yourself and the right person will build on that foundation and slowly move into your life. People always come out as they are, so show them who you are and believe that everything is enough and the right people will show up.

3.Use current and accessible photos in your transgender dating profile

Show it to people who sit and watch Transdr on Saturdays, but also kick it and drink beer in dog park. Be who you are in your transgender dating profile, not how you look. Using your recent life photo as your profile picture is the wisest thing to do. Overdone images will only make you look fake.

4.Show interest in other people’s information

When you take the first step, it’s tough. Look at their photos, look at their resumes, and leave. Ask them a personal question, ask them what’s going on their lives, and, based on that, use Transdr as a first transgender date. Ask all the questions you would ask on your first trans date, so you don’t have to think about them and feel like you’re on a trans date with someone you already know.

5.Watch out for red flags

Watch out for red flags when it comes to transgender dating. If you think you need to make a FaceTime date with someone before you go on a trans date, do it. Get to know the person so you feel safe going out with them. But in relationships, if you feel something is wrong, just trust your feelings.