9 reasons for men prefer to date trans women

When you look at this title, you may think it’s something about dirty talks, but no! I’m a man likes to date transsexual women, and I’m here to share some reasons why I like to do so with you. Let me introduce myself to you firstly. I’m a regular man, but I like to date trans women, that sounds unbelievable. I thought a long time and it’s time for me to lay down my face, live the way I like, don’t live in other’s eyes, so I decided to date with TS.

Now, I’m in love with my girlfriend, we are living together like ordinary couples. I never had such a long love relationship before. The following 9 reasons that I share with you are based on my personal dating experience, and I hope it can be helpful.

  1. Trans women are sexier than genetic women
    To be frank, every man loves beautiful women, and beautiful women with a little bit spice and sexiness are most attractive. Trans women are both beautiful and sexy. They are even more attractive and hotter than genetic women, because their have paid a lot on their beauty. They really care about their appearance and body shape, and they are good at makeup. For most men, trans women are more attractive than heretic women.
  2. They are more sincere
    They are more eager to meet the true love. It’s not easy for every trans women to find a lifetime partner, so trans women are more sincere than genetic women. Due to social stigmas and public opinions, trans women cannot accept by everyone, and it’s even more difficult for them to find a life partner.
  3. There are only few trans women
    Survey shows, there are only 1 trans woman in every 100 people. “it’s dear if it’s rare”, and this is why many people interested in trans women.
  4. They know how to cater to men’s tastes
    Trans women know how to please all all kinds of men, because they were men before. They are more open-minded than genetic women, and they can easily get along well with men.
  5. With great sexual desire
    The biggest difference between men and women is sexual desire, and trans women have the same sexual desire with men.
  6. They are easier to get along with
    Unlike other women, trans women are easier to get along with, because they don’t have period, and don’t lose their temper very often.
  7. They don’t have unexpected pregnancy
    Although we all care about safety, risks of unexpected pregnancy still exist. If you are not ready to make a family, trans women can be your best choice. It never mean you can’t have your own child, you can adopt a child if necessary.
  8. They are fun
    Trans women are more likely to have the same habit with men. They can play soccer, basketball and etc. with you, and they are more passionate than genetic girls.
  9. With the advantages of both world
    In a word, trans women are the best of both world, They are beautiful and sexy like women, independent and strong like men.